Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NY to the Pro

I have moved around a few times in my life and I have loved everywhere I have ever lived.  Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, Brazil, Utah.  They all have amazing pros and a few cons.  In each place I have met people who have taught me wonderful things and have helped to shape me into the person I am now.  The only problem with loving each place so much is that eventually, at least for me, you have to leave.  

Long Island was no exception.  I was only there for 8 weeks, but I felt like I belonged and I loved the people and the culture.  When I went I was just planning on enjoying the city and then moving on, but it became a place I miss.  

I miss the adorable girls I lived with.

I miss my awesome mentors at work.

I miss the independence I felt and the beautiful city with all it's sights and possibilities.  I miss the accents and the bagels and the little Italian ladies.  I also miss the sail boats and water and patients that I came to love.
There are LOTS of things I love about being back in Utah.

One of those things is seeing my oldest friend's brand new baby boy, Quentin.  We took him out to his first sushi dinner and he loved it!

Another is seeing friends, especially when they dress up as Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

Or witches and kitties.

Or grapes.

I also love being back around BYU and getting to see my alma mater kick some serious tail in football.  (Even if they do play high schools as my dad would say.)

I also love the mountains as we move into winter.

Last but not least, I even love being back in class.  I am learning a lot AND my friend organized a trade off!  People pay me a dollar and I make cupcakes!  Not too shabby.

Good thing the pain of missing can be outdone by the joy of loving.