Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Surprise

This weekend, me and Becca decided to drive up to Othello, WA to visit Cecilia.  AND... it was a surprise.  I'd have to say that I have never surprised someone into needing their inhaler!  It was awesome and just so happy.  We have known each other for over six years and supported each other through a lot of fun and trials.  Cil moved in July and besides my mission, this has been the longest we have gone without all being together.  Since Cil had twin boys ON MY BIRTHDAY and babies are a very big deal, we decided to make the trip.  I mean who doesn't need help when they now have three babies under the age of three?

These little guys are named Ezra and Elliot and they are in the little baby blankets I made them.  I have no idea which is which, but aren't they just the cutest?  They are so tiny and well behaved and quite and fun to hold.  We got to feed the babies and snuggle with them and just enjoy being together.  Life changes, but friendship never does.  Even after almost 6 months, it was comfortable and easy.

We fed and got up in the night and I even changed a few diapers.

On Saturday we went into the Tri Cities and took Cil shopping and out to the new Costa Vida!  Her mother-in-law helped us discovered our "season" and here we all are.  Dressed in our colors and looking cute.

It was a great weekend and I am grateful for friends, healthy babies, family, reliable cars, netflix, presidential debates, nail polish, muddy buddies, and books on CD.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Week

As I continue to celebrate my 25th birthday and try to be happy about what I have accomplished in the last quarter century this little quote gives me strength.

It is easy to look around and compare yourself to others and all the wonderful things they are doing and forget about all the wonderful things you get to do.  I feel like this has been true in my life.  I have spent more time than I'd like to admit worried about the future and about my progression or lack thereof.  With an increasing number of my friends getting hitched and babied, I sort of freaked out a little and lost sight of my own self worth.  Instead of looking forward to turning 25, for the first time in my life, I was dreaded my birthday.

The good news is, I'm totally over that and I'm loving where I am in life.  My birthday was awesome and 25 is going to be a GREAT year.  I get to go to grad school, intern in 4 different states, traipse around NYC, meet new people, learn new hobbies, spend time with my family, travel, and loads of other things.  What is the key to my change of heart, you might ask???  One word.


I am grateful for this awesome cake!  I got it from my friend's in-laws over Thanksgiving break.  It's not super clear so sorry about that.
I am grateful for the Keate family and for them inviting me to St. George for Thanksgiving.  It was a great weekend get away and the weather was SO BEAUTIFUL.

I am grateful for good friends, like Becca, Kyle, and RUBY!  We went out to Outback on Thursday (after all my birthday week exams) and Ruby was so cute.  She is getting more and more of a personality and it is so cute to see her light up when she sees you.

I am grateful for long distance love!  Cards, phone calls, and flowers are always welcome!

I am grateful for mission friends and all they do for me.  Cody and Brad decorated the house for my birthday and we enjoyed LOTS of good food and conversation.  This was also a good chance to remember how grateful I am for my mission and all it taught me.

Turns out, it is fun to be grateful.  I feel happier and more confident and ready to accomplish anything I put my mind to.  
Fact: "Gratitude turns what we have into enough."