Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Golden State

I have no good excuse for not blogging for so long!  Life has been great and my new place of living has very little wireless internet, so let's blame it on that.  In the last few weeks I have gone to two family reunions, hung out with my sister and parents, gone crabbing, said sayonara to Oregon, moved to Pebble Beach, Cailifornia, started my LAST INTERNSHIP, and I'm loving it all.

Leaving Oregon was hard.  I have loved my family and the chance I had to be close to them.  I forgot how awesome it is to just call up a family member and invite yourself over or get a hug from a little cousin or not have to explain how your colorful family history makes you say weird things.  Here are some pics from my last few days there...

italian soda fun with birgette and stefan

this lady is making my bouquet.  whatever flowers i want for $10 

my poor uncle hurt his hand so me and my aunt Michelle were on crab duty

yes, they can be scary 

me and my cousin Haylee

A few days after all this fun... I find myself in one of the most famously beautiful places on earth!  Thanks to the kindness of a Mormon family that we connected with through a family friend, I am living in Pebble Beach, only 1.1 miles from the ocean and about two blocks off 17 Mile Drive.  It's so pretty, I have even been inspired to start jogging.  I know, crazy.

I'm working at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, locally referred to as CHOMP.  It is the nicest hospital I have EVER been to and I love it.  I work in the ICU and the telemetry unit so these patients are very different than what I'm used to, but it is fun to do something new.  My co-workers are great and the days fly by!

the best part of my new room: storage for scarves and vera

that's monterey baby!

i like these venice-y looking buildings

this is what i get to jog to

just some deer, hoping to catch some golf


carmel-by-the-sea, where houses are named instead of numbered.  it's adorable

and this town is so great that there is a nautical shop, where they only sell horizontally striped clothing and large model ships

berries at the monterey farmer's market

Monastery Beach