Wednesday, March 21, 2012

lemons to lemon drops

Yes, the first few weeks here in AZ were not all I dreamed them to be, but in the last few weeks, things have really turned around.

1. I got a job.  I'm now working part time at Macy's, selling women's shoes.  Suffice it to say, selling shoes is not my calling in life.  My own doctorate level pride screams to me that retail is for retards.  BUT... all things considered (ie. my love for shoes and shopping), it's basically my dream get-me-through-school part time job.  And the bottom line is, the crappiest job is not as crappy as living life under financial stress.  

Here is my favorite row of shoes in our stock room:
 Coach is my ticket to making sales goals and getting good commission.  And it's funny how much people will buy, as long as it has that big ol' C on it.

And these were my reward for being awesome and getting a job:
Jessica Simpson snake skin pumps, on clearance for like $20.  Not bad, not bad.

2. My internship no longer sucks.  I'm not sure how to describe the first few weeks while still being an optimist.  Let me just say that crying on the way to and the way home and sometimes during lunch and once in front of a patient all because your job is so stressful is not a good sign.

I saw this on pintrest and loved it.  It perfectly describes my past 
situation and what I hope to have learned from it:
 I don't exactly need my ego stroked or anything, but not being put down everyday is pretty awesome.  I am now working in another clinic near by.
Most of the patients are elderly and they are awesome!  I love listening to their stories and hearing their laughter.  My new co-workers are funny and kind.  We joke around a lot with each other and with patients.  The TVs are always on so I have brushed up on Sports Center and the Today show.  I have also not missed a March Madness game, which is awesome!  We also have XM radio and somehow I was blessed to work with 4 people who ALL LOVE EIGHTY'S MUSIC!!!!!  It's seriously a dream come true.  At any given moment, a Journey song comes on and sweeps me right out of my monotony.  We eat lunch together and have birthday parties for each other and chat about the Hunger Games. 

3. Speaking of Hunger Games... OH. MY. GOSH.  The Hunger Games movie comes out in about 36 hours!  AND... My friend Katy is coming in for the weekend so we get to see it together!!!!!  On Friday night!!!!! On IMAX!!!!!  I'm pretty stoked.  

In preparation for this blessed event, I got my t-shirt from Hot Topic:

Nail polish from ULTA, my new favorite store:

And I got my nails all painted:

And my tickets: 

Yeah, I'm excited.

4. I really hope I never lose this little pink notebook as it contains all of my notes on Harry Potter!  I finished reading all the books and I am now working on writing.  It is fun to write and to see some real progress, but it is slow going.  If you have any ideas on gospel symbolism in Harry Potter, please comment about it!  I have lots of ideas, but it is fun to see other people's perspective on things.  

5. ONLY 37 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS UNTIL GRADUATION!!!!  I made this awesome paper chain a few weeks ago.  It is pretty dang fun to take off the chains and see how quickly time is passing!  I am only 5 chains away moving to Oregon and seeing family!

I am doing all I can to enjoy the time I have here and not let life pass me by and all that, but I'm still exciting for graduating!
So there you have it!  Just when you think life has gone to pot, it swings for the better and there are a whole new set of things to celebrate.