Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Shower Cookies

This weekend was EPIC in that I had my first paid cookie order EVER!  A friend's mom saw the pink and blue cookies that are posted in "Classy Cookies" earlier this month and she liked them.  My friend was having a baby shower that was thrown by her aunt and mom and they decided to order two dozen of my flower cookies for the event.  I did purple backgrounds, cream flowers, and green leaves.  All you need to know about how I made them is in that last post.  I didn't make any alterations because i thought they turned out so good last time.  I absolutely loved these cookies...

I have to put a plug out for myself...
If you want cookies like this at your baby shower, birthday, bridal shower, wedding, etc please let me know. You can contact me through friends for by email:
I would be happy to discuss your event with you and come up with a customized cookie (or cake) to fit your needs.

Here are some picts of the cookies that my friend sent me from the shower.  The other cookies shown are from Parson's Bakery in Bountiful, Utah.


  1. Ashley. I am so proud of you. Please come over soon. I miss you!

  2. The cookies were a hit--EVERYONE commented on how gorgeous they were!