Monday, August 8, 2011

Ruffle Cake

Those of you who keep up on Martha Stewart know all about this cake.  It is everywhere in the online world.  Now I understand why!  It is beautiful and SO easy to do.

1.Bake, stack, and dirty ice your cake like normal.  Make sure the top of the cake looks nice and smooth.  Fit a large bag of butter cream with tip No. 103 or 104.  Martha used 103, but her cake was pretty small.  I used 104, since this was a 10" cake.  DO NOT USE CREAM CHEESE FROSTING.  Real butter buttercream is essential to making these ruffles stay stiff.  

Start frosting by staying really close to the cake and ruffling back and forth in about a 1" band.  The wide part of the tip should be closest to the cake.  The tip needs to be almost touching the cake so the ruffle with stick on.

When you get to the top, don't worry too much about how it looks.  For the next ruffle, make sure it touches the cake and the ruffle you have already made on the side.

Your arms will get tired and your ruffles will be slightly different sizes, but once you get it all done, it will look SO nice you will not care.

Make a ruffle that goes all the way around the top to finish if off.  I did this all in one ribbon as my friend rotated the cake stand.  I also did two layers because it was so cute.

I made this banner with bakers twine, paper straws, and some paper.  SO NICE!

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