Friday, September 23, 2011

NY Cake

Two of the little girls I am privileged to live with have had birthdays in the last few weeks.  Their joint friend party was tonight and it was LUAU themed so naturally, I jumped on the chance to make some sweet treats.  It was so much fun to bake with the girls and I think it turned out pretty nicely.  

Mixing it up.

Dying our cookie frosting.

Super cute straw decor!  Wish I had this for my party.

The Sugar Scape.

Please notice my super cute new palm tree cookie cutter!  The girls thought of using the coco puffs for coconuts.  SO CUTE.

Cake goodness.

The waves were (roughly) painted on using dyed piping gel.

This makes me really sad that summer is over!

I got a new quilting tool for the towel.  Not too shabby.

Silly ladies!

One girls likes vanilla and one likes chocolate so the bottom was all vanilla, the top was all chocolate, and the middle was a nice mix of everything.

And for all of you aspiring cake artists: every cake has a back.


  1. I DID notice the new palm tree cookie cutter! What a nice addition to your already-slammin' luau cookie spread! Those girls are lucky to have you around!

  2. I'm amazed by this cake. I especially love the towel!