Thursday, January 12, 2012

Corset Cookies

One of my good friends is getting married Jan 27th!!!  Sadly, I'll be living in AZ and will not be able to help with treats for the wedding, but I did get to make some pretty awesome corset cookies for the bridal shower.

Every cookie was different, but these are my favorites!

This cookie is clearly the coolest.  I did this using the concentrated gel frosting dyes and a paint brush.  I did the base coat in a color that was a mix of Wilton copper and brown.  I waited for that to totally dry, then I painted on brown spots.  After that I painted three black strokes around the outsides of each brown spot.  Make the spots irregular and the black stripes not touching!  Viola, a beautiful cookie!  Also, don't dilute the dyes at all, just drop your brush right in the container.  


  1. Ashley. Seriously. These are amazing. And sexy. Was it so painful to see someone eat the leopard print one?

  2. Yes, leopard clearly was the coolest! I didn't realize you painted it like that, very awesome!

  3. Thanks y'all! And YES, it was hard to see them eaten, but so fun to make.

  4. Very awesome. Also, I think you could go into business designing lingerie! :)