Saturday, November 6, 2010

Best Leftovers EVER!

So I still had some frosting and filling left over from making Gabe's cake so I put it in the freezer until I could make something else.  I baked some more chocolate cake on Thursday because it just tasted so good.

I stacked it and it was a little harder than usual, but I got it dirty iced and looking pretty good.

I iced the top with some smooth white buttercream and then I started putting some lines around the outside using the colors I had from Gabe's party.  I just used 3 fat round tips for the 3 different colors.

I kind of smoothed down all the little peaks from the tops of my colored lines.  This was pre-smoothing.

And then put some shells around the top and bottom.

Dats good!


  1. Um, WHAT is up with you making so many ADORABLE things ALL the TIME? You are making me feel intimidated to ever be in the same room with you because i am in so much awe of your ingenuity and color choices.

  2. Just wait until I make you a special Katy cake...