Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gabe's Cake: Part 2

So my little break was great and I got back home late Sunday.  I had put the frosting and cake in the freezer over the weekend and had my roommate pull it all out on Sunday so I could build the cakes on Sunday night.  I got all the layers filled and dirty iced and stuck it in the fridge.
Today, Monday, I did all the cool frosting work.  I put some paper glitter stars on wire and had them sticking out, which turned out pretty cute.  The top tier of the cake was on a cake board covered in foil and I used straws to stabilize the cake.  I like straws because they are easy to cut.

I really need to take more pictures WHILE I am making the cake.  Sorry about that.
The party went really well and Gabe loved his cake.  It tasted awesome and was a big hit.  I even got home in time to watch Cake Boss!



  1. 1. Looks like he loved it!
    2. The cake is adorable.
    3. I watched Cake Boss and thought of you.
    4. Be prepared to make Ruby's birthday cake in about...10.5 months.

  2. It WAS a big hit. There was hardly any left for me by the end of the night, but I did have a slice and it was very delicious and rich, just the way we wanted it. A+!