Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday #24

My birthday was on Sunday and that called for a really nice cake.  I started making it on Saturday and it was going to be this awesome 10" yellow cake with chocolate cream filling.  Well, after a series of small disasters, I ended up throwing that cake away and starting over.  I guess I have been watching too much Cake Boss or something.  

Anyways, the cake I made ended up pretty awesome.  I also tried out marshmallow fondant for the first time and it was SO FUN!!!  Sticky, but really fun.  I will make some sort of tutorial looking post for it later because it is definitely something that should be tried.  I just made the David's yellow cake that I love, filled it will raspberry and chocolate (I didn't have enough chocolate to fill the whole thing b/c of that dumb cake that I threw away) and frosted it with a quick crumb coat.

I made the fondant and dyed it all yellow.  My yellow turned out a little bright, but it's my favorite color so it was perfect.  I put some nice white flowers and green leaves on there with royal icing and a brush, and then I stuck all these nice little pearl sprinkles on. 
My friends also gave me a beautiful red cake server and my cake looked pretty nice on it.

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