Monday, February 28, 2011

Kyle's Golden Birthday

My friend Kyle turned 27 yesterday ON THE 27th and naturally, cake and cookies were needed to celebrate. He loves the coconut cupcakes and per his request, I got to baking.  I have been getting pretty good at these coconut cupcakes and they are getting popular around these parts.  I used 1/2 of the batter recipe, 1/6 of the filling recipe, and a full frosting recipe and came out with 24 beautiful coconut cupcakes.  Kyle and his family just got a new camera and his wife is getting to be a wonderful photographer so they took some nice pictures for me.  I frosted some with chocolate frosting this time and it tasted great.  Someday I will make a chocolate cupcake with this filling and chocolate ganache frosting and put an almond on top.  Maybe I'll call it the almond joy cupcake!

I also made some really cute cookies for Kyle.  He loved rinos and I found an adorable rino cookie cutter at the store.  With a little royal icing and some time to dry, these cookies are almost cuter than the cupcakes...

Gray shirt and gray rino presents.  It was just perfect.

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