Monday, February 14, 2011

Lobster Tails and Cream Puffs

So... as you probably know, I am quite the avid Cake Boss watcher.  Thanks to my friend for introducing me.  I owe you, again.
At Carlo's there is this amazing pastry called the Lobster Tail!  It is shaped like well, a lobster tail and it is flaky and wonderful and filled with this great cream that tastes like a summer afternoon.  Naturally, I wanted to make it and so on my 3 day break from school I thought it would give it a try.
The recipe is in my Cake Boss book and the intro says things like:
"Unless you are a professional baker, and an accomplished one at that, you probably shouldn't try to make these." and "If you can make these and they come out well, please move to Hoboken and apply for a job at Carlo's."
Since I am semi-pro and I would love to move to Hoboken and work at Carlo's, I just knew I had to give it a try.
Here is what happened...

And that's after about 10 minutes of trying to roll it out.  The dough is just a mix of flour, water, and salt so it is super stiff and pretty much you need a commercial mixer and a commercial pastry dough roller to make this stuff work.  We ended up just scrapping the whole project but here is what should have happened...

Since we wanted treats and Lobster Tails just wasn't cutting it, we decided to make some cream puffs.  You can look up the recipes in the Cake Boss book.  I just don't feel like typing it all out.  You do have to cook the dough over the stove and then add the eggs in.  It looks weird at first, but by the time you are done, it will be normal, promise.  You have to pipe the dough into the cream puff shape and then you pipe the cream into the center.  They were pretty darn good.


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  2. Hello People.... I am a Pastry Chef (family Business) I'm in my 60's... Don't even try to make the Seven Layer Dough It's Not for Non Professionals to even Try to Attempt!.
    * Any Italian Pastry Chef Knows that the 7 Layer Dough is the Hardest Dough to Make!
    Yes, the Pastry shell for Lobster Tails and Sfogliatelle are One and the Same!

    A)The Sfogliatelle is filled with a cheese Filling (and does Not have Citrus in the mix, * Cheese and Citrus does Not make the Correct filling!... That was incorporated by many "American Wanna be Italian Bakers, They are the same Bakers that put Citrus in their Cannoli's >>>> A NO NO to a True Italian Baker!

    B) The Lobster Tail Pastry is Filled with a Cream of no Other Quality... There is No Ricotta in Lobster Tails!

    C) Speaking of Ricotta... that is Not the Filling that is in a Cannoli.... The Cannoli Cream is made from the base of the Cheese that Also makes "Ricotta"... Anyone that Tells you that is what is in the Cannoli Cream, is Uninformed!

    P S... Don't even Ask me for the Authentic Recipes... I'm one of the few Authentic Bakers Left in this Country, Not one of the Phony Supermarket so-called bakers that are using Par-Baked Breads,etc... Not to Mention the Already Baked Cakes that you see in the Clear Dome Packaging... Bakers Put Pastries and Cakes in White Bakery Boxes!

    *** I hope I do Not Offend any of you.... But I'm a Baker from Italy, and it makes Mad when these "American Wanna be Italian bakers' tell you Otherwise.

  3. if you wanna make this work try this... when you making dough mix flower, warm water, salt, oil and a little vinegar.Dough should be soft. mix it with mixer for about 5 minutes and then with hands... oil it and leave iz for al least 30 minutes in a plastic bag. take tablecloth put flower on it and dough. start rolling it out. make a circle and after rolling it use your hands to make it thin... this granny makes it like that and its very me...