Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am currently taking a cake class from the very talented Mandy.  Check out her blog.  I am loving the class and I am learning about doing real fondant, not just the marshmallow stuff.  One of the most important things I have learned so far is that you have to pay to play.  Real fondant is best bought in buckets from a website like Global Sugar Art.  The Satin Ice brand is great and that is what we used in this class.  It is so smooth and beautiful and I love it.  It also tastes pretty good, but honestly, who uses fondant because they like to eat it???  

This week in class we were learning how to stack cakes and doing more practice with covering them.  It is tough, but I am getting a little better.  Mandy is helping me out and I think that one day, I will be pro.  I made an 8" cake and a 6" one and since it is MARCH MADNESS I decided on a basketball theme.  First lets start with the flavors.  The top is coconut cake, like the ultimate one that is to die for.  The bottom is chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.  I saw it on cake boss and it is one of my new favorites!!!  I forgot to take pictures of the insides of the cake, but next time I will...

I just love this picture!

My alma mater just had to be front and center, especially after they nailed their game vs. Gonzaga.

So, gotta love Texas, and I had a longhorns cookie cutter, so it was easy!

DUKE baby!  I lived in VA for 6 years and they are still my team!

So, I don't know a thing about Ohio, but I needed a team that was not blue, and they are good right?

 Even though I like Duke more, I couldn't resist the Tar Heels!

 And this is the top of the cake.  I used a black food marker to put the lines on and I think it looked great.  All of the other decals I cut out of fondant with an Exacto knife.

I loved this cake and everyone at our game party loved it too.  Both flavors tastes like a dream and most people ate a piece of each.  I can't wait to perfect my new fondant skills!

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