Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I love getting mail!  I think it is so cool how a little piece of paper can travel thousands of miles in a few days to reach you.  I like it even better when the mail is something I want real bad, and when I can track it every step of the way on ups.com!  Today all of my tracking finally paid off and my NEW BUSINESS CARDS came!!!  I ordered them last week after I got a few people asking for them and after finding them online at vistaprint.com for $9.99 for 500!  I thought that was such a good price that I surely had money left to get some stickers and address labels too right???  So I ended up spending about $25, but hey, at least I made vistaprint happy.  So... if you need any business cards or if people ask for them, I have about 493 sitting in my room!


  1. Awesome!! U have totally spurred me to get mine. I'm gonna look them up tomorrow.

  2. bring a few with you when I get the cake from you! I'll put them on the table by the cake for people to pick up if they are interested!

  3. YAY!!! You're official NOW! Will you bring me some when I see you friday? I'll look for opportunities to give them to people who might be interested :)(... this is CoreyAnn not Brent, for some reason I'm logged into his account and too lazy to log out)