Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bye Now Cupcakes

One of my best girl friends is moving to Washington and soon after to Oregon for her husband's grad school.  Changes are always sad and hard, but as cupcakes fix most ails, me and anther friend planned a party.

I used a lot of the same techniques on these cupcakes that I used on the Babies! ones from earlier this month.  I am loving fondant decorated cupcakes these days.  And I am loving my rubber stamp.  I need to buy more ASAP.  Hobby Lobby here I come.

To make the word medallions, I cut out the small white circles with a tiny cookie cutter and wrote the messages on then with a size 2 Wilton tip.  (This way, if you mess up, you're only losing a small piece of fondant.)

 Then I cut out the colored circles and stamped them.    

I let them dry over night and then glued them together with some royal icing the next morning.  I used the paint brush to dust off the little bits of powdered sugar you see above.  Be sure to do this AFTER they are hardened!

Okay, those are cute!

For my cupcakes, I made chocolate chip cookie dough ones for the medallions.  I had some left over sweetened condensed milk I wanted to use up.  I was going to dye the icing, but it is SO good and mostly covered up that I didn't want to mess with it.  This icing bag is my 16" coated fabric bag from Ateco.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  You can frost about 30 cupcakes at a time with that baby!

My other cupcakes are pretty simple.  There are chocolate cupcakes with coconut filling and a blue ball with some white sprinkles.  For these cupcakes I cut the tops and spooned the filling in.  It was awesome.  I think it was a lot easier than injecting them so it might become a thing. You can get more filling in and it can be cold, which does not work with the injecting method.

My other chocolate ones are marshmallow filled and decorated with small white sprinkles and a grey ball.

We decorated our table with some cute things like grey paper straws and blue paper cups.  We made some Turkey Harvest sandwiches and had chips and such.  I think it turned out quite cute.


  1. Ashley! You are so amazingly talented and looking at your cupcakes makes me soooo hungry! Beautiful job!