Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 7: Montauk/Hamptons

This week was another great one.  Things are winding down and as of now, I only have 4 more full days left in NY.  It's crazy how time flies by.  On Tuesday this week I decided to take a drive out to Montauk Point, which is the furthest point on the southern tip of Long Island.  It is beautiful!

Montauk Point Light House

I don't know who this fisherman is, but I wish I did!

There was this fairly flat rocky trail that went all the way around the point.  It gave beautiful views of the water and the lighthouse.  

There were TONS of boats out and even more fisherman on the rocks and on the beach.  I talked to a few and it sounds like a fun life!

The most terrifying sign I have ever seen in my life.  BTW, if you want me stay away from you, put this up in your yard!

To get down to the beach, you can take a number of little paths like this.  The brambles made a perfectly smooth tunnel!

On my way back home, I stopped over in East Hampton.    It seems like any other beach town, until you notice all the "Private Drive: No Public Access" signs on every street.  It was a beautiful area with amazing homes and pretty beaches.

I'm sure this is amazing in the summer time.

I stopped in town and went to some nurseries to see their fall flowers.  

Although I was too afraid to touch anything, the shopping in the Hamptons was worthy of the A list.  What other beach town has a Tiffany's and FOUR Ralph Lauren stores on Main Street?
Yes, that's right, FOUR.  A regular RL, RL Kids, Rubgy, and RRL.  (I didn't know this existed but apparently there is a Double RL.  Same clothes, double the price.)  Someday I will dress my babies in this...  


  1. Oh my gosh GORGEOUS. Those are like, places where people vacation to when they are characters in movies.

  2. Oh how I wish I could dress Wyatt in those clothes! Ralph Lauren is amazing. Someday...