Wednesday, January 5, 2011


After some mapquesting, it was discovered that I only live about 2 hours from Hoboken, New Jersey.

After convincing my dad, the four of us headed up to visit the home of the Cake Boss.  I have been watching his show now for a few months and trying to catch up on all I missed in the last two seasons.  (Thanks to Netflix I am totally caught up!)  He is a funny Italian guy who yells way too much while making some of the best cakes I have ever seen.

So we got to the city and were expecting a little wait since he is getting so popular, but we were NOT expecting this...

Yeah... that's a 2 1/2 hour wait!!!  BUT, it was totally worth it for this...

We tried some cupcakes, crumb cake, cannolis, and biscotti.  The best thing though, BY FAR, was the lobster tails.  This is a pic of it above.  It is triangle shaped, really crunchy dough filled with this amazing vanilla cream.  It was just grand.  So the wait was long, but it was worth it.  I'd go again, but next time I think I'll get there at 7 when they open.

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  1. aagghghhhhhh!!!!!! Oh man you were LIVING THE DREAM!!! Dude just today I was thinking, one thing I will do when I get to Provo is watch a shiz load of Cake Boss with Ashley until our blood turns to buttercream and we start unconsciously faking really obnoxious accents. Deal?