Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coco Cupcakes

So the ULTIMATE coconut cake was very well received, as we all know.  Also apparently a lot more people than I knew love coconut and coconut cake.  This and the recent college national football championship game prompted THE ULTIMATE COCONUT CUPCAKE!!!!

I used the same recipes from the other post about the ULTIMATE coconut layer cake.  The batter recipe made about 40 cupcakes.  That's sort of a lot!  I made some before I put the coconut extract in so they were pretty much just vanilla and those were pretty good too.  I also got these cute new papers from my mom for Christmas and I LOVE them.
I also used about a 1/3 recipe of the filling for these.  I used a large round tip to inject the filling in the middle of each cupcake.  I tried using my little tip that is made to inject cupcakes and the coconut couldn't come out so that was sort of a bust but the round tip worked great.  I then frosted these with the cream cheese frosting in the recipe.  It is SO good and make just enough to do all the cupcakes.  The vanilla cupcakes I frosted in a chocolate buttercream.
These turned out great and were a lot less work than the layer cake, but with ALL of the flavor.

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