Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

I am back in Utah, apparently to go to grad school.  I had no idea but my M/W class does not start until June 13th so instead of being busy, I am bored!!!!  Didn't think that would happen.  But... it has given me the chance to make these adorable cupcakes and blog about it on the same day.

I have been wanting to make an almond joy cupcake for a while now and when I found some leftover coconut filling in the freezer I knew this was my big chance.  I baked up some chocolate cupcakes.  Mom got me some amazing Pampered Chef scoops that are amazing!  See how perfect this batter divided up:

BTW... my roommate with the KitchenAid moved out.  :(

I injected the coconut filling into 18 cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate cream cheese frosting and put some chopped almonds on top.  I also made some without coconut and put frosting and these beautiful new sprinkles that I got in NYC.

This is my amazing new cupcake holder.  It holds 36 cupcakes, which is just pretty cool!


  1. I wish the kids didn't want vanilla, then you could make these for their birthday!

  2. These look SO good! ...also, if you're bored we could get together on a M or W! love ya!

  3. I wish I were closer to you, I'd order these for my own birthday :)

  4. Dude that new cupcake holder is like the death star!! Also be careful--it is NOT for baking, is the message it is giving me :) Those look delicious and gorgeous, I am so jealous of the coconut filling!!