Thursday, June 30, 2011

Put a Bird on It

My friend Carrie came up this week from Flagstaff for a visit and since last week was her birthday, we had a little party.  I love to celebrate birthdays.  It is the only holiday that is just about one person and I just think that is special.  (I especially like MY birthday.)  It is such a good time to do something nice and make other feel good.

So for this birthday, I made a bird cake.  I'm liking birds these days, probably because they remind me of the peaceful outdoors.  The filling in this cake is a cream cheese frosting with fresh strawberries.  One cool thing about this cake is that I got to use my tylose powder for the first time.  I got it at a cake shop in Phoenix and it basically turns fondant into gum paste.  I just added a little to the blue fondant and kneaded it up.  It made the birds a lot easier to cut out and it made them stiffen up faster so they could stand up.  


  1. Oh man! I am so sad I missed that party and that cake! It looks amazing!

  2. That is cute and looks delicious! Did I tell you that I ate three pieces in one sitting of the citrus cake you made for me? That's what I would do with this cake right now if I had it. ;)