Sunday, May 13, 2012


I have officially moved back to Oregon.  Working in Portland and living in Beaverton.  I used to live in this area and a part of my heart feels like it's coming home.  There are green things everywhere, lots of Subarus on the road, flowers all around, and plenty of family to keep me busy.  I started my new internship and I'm loving it.  I work something like 32 hours a week and spend the rest of the time enjoying the sunny weather we've been having.  Most of both sides of my family live in this state and it's grand.  You truly don't know what you have until it's gone.  You don't know how much you missed it until you have it back.

My grandparents on dad's side

Tea with an old neighbor and friend

The candy isle I used to sneak off too when I was young
Hanks in Hillsboro, OR

Stefan and I helping make hot dog cupcakes as a funny gift for my aunt's friend

This weekend I headed over to the coast to spend some time with my uncle and family.
An adorable coffee shop in Astoria called Coffee Girl, on Pier 39

Enjoying our morning apricot lemon scone and berry bran muffin

Pier 39

Cannon, getting ready to go on the riverwalk with us

Cannon wasn't feelin' picture time, but Chantal and Rachel were

 If this sign were captioned... "please don't get drunk, wear an old fashioned cap, crash your bike, and fall into the water"

Seaside sunset

Some Simmons save trees...

... but other Simmons' just relax

The folding boat and the pond.  Yes... a folding boat is pretty much as scary as it sounds.

The Big E, taking care of his blueberries

Lilly and Ruby, the cutest 4-year-olds I know

Baby Grey is growing up

Baby Jerr turns 1 and he WILL have his cake and eat it too

Some friendships are more or less instant and it was great to re-start this one!
Me, KJ, and Aunt Rocio
Saddle Mountain from Astoria Column

Tillamook Head from Astoria Column.  Can you see all this green???

Comparing bellies

Rocio and Antoine, getting ready to climb the column

Sunset from the Column

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  1. looks extremely fun. I am happy for you! and jealous.