Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Travel Plans

These last few weeks have been busy!  I got done interning in AZ on April 20th and started my next one in OR on April 30th!  That means... 10 days of relaxation, driving, friends, and family!
Before I even left Arizona, I got to visit with an old mission buddy named Guilian.  Turns out she had been living in AZ the whole time I was there, but we didn't know!  I got to practice my Portuguese and we went out to acai, the best Brazilian food ever!

Everything ended well at my internship and I think that I might even miss my co-workers and patients out in good ol' Apache Junction.  BUT... this didn't stop me from heading out as soon as possible!  I left at noon on Friday and went up to Las Vegas to meet Emily.  This was the greenest part of AZ I could find, the Joshua Tree Forest.

We went to the Stratosphere and rode the rides at the top.  If you are scared of heights, I wouldn't suggest it!  I've been to quite a few amusement parks in the US and the big shot literally took my breath away!

After a few days, I headed up to Provo and spent some time with Becca and her family.  We went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point with Coreyann, Christy and all the little kiddos.  I also chopped all my hair off the day these pics were taken!

I drove up and spent a night with Mindy in Bountiful and then headed up to WA to stay with my aunt and uncle.  Family is awesome and we had a blast.  I ended up in Oregon on April 29th and the best news is... it got greener by the hour.  I don't think I'm a desert girl, and even the rain was a welcome change.  New internship... here I come.

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  1. Oregon looks beautiful!! So glad you're out of that orange-blossom-scented hell hole! :)