Saturday, June 30, 2012

Granola Girl

I don't often feel like I fit in (or enjoy) the hipster/granola/portland scene, BUT the Portland Farmer's Market, located at the South Park Blocks, is AWESOME!!!  
I felt like I was back in Brazil walking in the feira and looking for the best deals.  There were beautiful fruits and flowers and lots of different things like sheep's milk cheese and gooseberries.  I loved the live music.  My favorite band was Max's Midnight Kitchen, three guys playing some great bluegrassy, Appalachian style tunes.  They are so awesome that you can download their album for free...

I would suggest if you're ever in PDX, get yourself down to the Farmer's Market and enjoy some of the fruits of Oregon.
 Yummy baked goods.  There were 4 or 5 bakeries represented here, which is always a good idea.

 The colors of the earth!

 I'm not sure if I'm currently more obsessed with peonies or with succulents.  Stay tuned.

 Yes, this place was called the Blue Heron Herbary.  I'll bet they got an A in Herbology.

 Just a grandma, spinning some yarn.

 I've read up on the foraging business.  Sounds interesting.

The most un-granola thing at this market... southern chicken and biscuits.  SO GOOD!

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